The basic idea is to use Star Wars Saga system for your character (minus jedi and the force). I have BESM d20 which has a point buy system I like for the pokemon. Anytime you get a feat you can spend it on a rank in your pet monster/s or you can take a normal feat for your human character. Talents can be talents from saga or a monster training talents.

You can have as many pokemon as you can beat into submission. Each starts at 20 character points, and 20 points per rank to spread among your monsters. If you wanted you could take your 2 first level feats and put 60 character points into a single pokemon. This would produce a releatively decent monster for first level. Or you can get 6 rattata to get blown away.

This will be a full contact pokemon game. If you’re carefull, pokemon will just faint, but if you blast a monster with your biggest attack while it’s at 1hp, it will die. Likewise, if you’re not carefull with your monsters, they can die in battle.

After that, take a look at your wiki. There is some more helpful info there.

Pokemon *R*